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Whilst talking to other LD builders I was told I need to change the Axle seal and bearings also the Pinion bearing and seal. I had already build the engine and gearbox, so I had to take apart the rear of the gear box after finishing in that area.

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The Crown / Pinion Strip
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1. Remove speedometercable and drive, rear brake operating arm.

2. Remove wheel and hub.

3. Remove brake shoes.

4. Next remove the four nuts that retain the end plate, this houses the seal held in by a cir clip.

5. Drain oil and remove four small bolts that hold the end plate.

6.Speedometer drive and rear brake lever removed.

7.Rear hub seperating.

8.Rear hub removed.

9.Heavy sludge (40 years old by the look of it)

10.Pinion bearings set nearly out

11. Old set up. The spacer needs 8mm machined off to accomidate the new bigger bearings.

12. Remove cir clip

13. Then both conical washers and the spacer in side.

14. Now remove the outer bearing, then the spacer housing the seal then remove the iner bearing.

15.The seal needs replacing.

16. New bigger bearings fitted.

17. New cir clip to finish off

18.New gasket ready for the overhaled hub.

19. Drive out cotter pin in the speedometer drive.

20. Castle nut removed.

21. Crown wheel removed.

22. Axle removed just bearings and spacer to remove.

23. Allout now just a good clean needed.

24. New seal

25. Parts

26. All done

27. New axle seal fitted.

28. all fitted just brake shoes and drum to go.