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First thing I thought rebuild the engine, all new bearings seals and cir clips

As ther was no cranckshaft within the bits I recived, I got a short block from a well knowen auction site for £55.

The idea was to have some practice on building and taking apart and with some luck the crank will be good enough to reuse.

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Off came the clutch cover, to find very little in the way of a clutch O well,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,undo the star waser remove small center nut, followed by the inner clutch drive then the cir clip and finalremove the large center nut which holds the clutch basket (C).


Remove the three flat head screws (E) that hold the clutch drive bearing in place and remove plate.


Remove clutch drive bearing, tapping from the otherside (F).


Now on to the the magneto side. Remove the cir clip which retains the oil seal (J). Remove the six reting bolst that holds the Mag flange, prise this off taking care not to damage the edges as they form part of the seal.

Image T shows all the Bearings, Oil seals, Shims and cir clips.