1974 Kawasaki S3 400


Engine, Frame, The big Strip, Clocks n Seat, Tins and wheels and The Rebuild
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Blockblock frame mininew



Now this bike is finished, it has come out the best to date but,,,, it has cost the most. It has fought me all the way. First the frame needed a large hole repair. then the engine was totally shot so £900 later and booom it looks great. All the chrome was re done £800 re zink the spokes, all new bearing and seals. all new cables, then there was a hole in one of the float bowls. the only thing I left was the front mudgaurd that was 9 out of 10. I needed a seat pan and a center stand. the bulk of my pain came from the paint. Spent £120 on materials and £55 on graphics only to find the clear coat started cracking O and the bloody tank had a leak. yer yer I should have checked, I DID. but not with petrol.

Second re spray later and yet more graphics later and it looks 8 out of 10.flew through the MoT then insure with frame number (30 days limit) so of the the lovely people at DVLA worcester. "Don't take that form any more" I was told. the Vat C&E 389 form changed in April of this year. So..... had to post all docs to the Personal transport unit in Kent then wait 19 days (of my 30) for the docs to come back with their stamp on.

hey ho back to Worcester to register, this time went through OK. I was told I will get number plate certificate within 10 days. fingers crossed I only have 6 left before having to insure again.