First thing I need a a cheap spray booth




The Paint Job

A   B   C   D   E  
F   G   H   I   J

K   L   M   N fr   O
P   Q   R   S   T
U   Vdd   W fr   Xfgf   Y ghj


A - My home made spray booth. Five shower curtaints from mr £ shop. Over lap and good to go. Keeps the inside air a bit cleaner and helps keep the dust down.

B - £16 Bergen Gravity Feed HVLP spray gun from auto jumble.

C - Take the old tank to Millington paint and Panels to get it matched. Matt did a great job.

D - Inside was full of old fuel and rusty. I read on the tin terweb that the best (and cheapest) method to remove this was vinegar. So off to the local wholesalers for three gallons.

E - After 3 weeks its starting to look a great deal better.

F - Inside view before treatment.

G - Also I had a go at Zing plating with a battery charger and a Zinc bolt. (also on the tinterweb) Minus clamp on the tank and Plus clamp on the bolt suspended in the fluid for several hours.

H - Looking great inside.

I - A great deal better, now on to the out side.

J - Getting all the old paint off is a pain but necessary.

K - All the paint off and a bit of filler for the tank.

L - A good coat of acid etch primer.

M - Several coats of high density filler seperated by 30 mins in 25c - 30c (the atick in my garage gets v hot)

N - Knife putty over the final imperfections.

O - Sanding with 1000 grit you can see the high areas. More spray filler then sand with 1500 grit.

P - First coat of G5 green mmmmm looking good. Two more coats seperated by 20 mins in the attick.

Q - My home made tank stand. This enables me to spin the tank 360 degrees.

R - hardended in the attick for a week and colour sanded with 1500 then 2000.

S - On with the rubbing compound. A bit of elbow grease and looking good.

T - Lots of fine green dust to remove. Dont tell the wife but I gave it a good wash in the kitchin sink.

U - Two final coats of green and up in the attick to bake for the week.

V - First coat of clear well two in the end. I can see my reflection in the paint.

W - New filler cap rubber seal

X - New riviets and secure it to the tank

Y - Finished item