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First thing I thought do a compression test to measure the wear, this bike has only 18000 miles on the clock but l need to check before building the rest of the bike around it.

I have 3 tanks six rotten silencers 4 rusty wheels and many boxes of bits. Two frames two engines three front mudguards, rotten. so nice bit of work for me to do. .



The Top End Strip

A   B   C   D   E  
F   G   H   I   J

K   L   M   N   O
P   Q   R   S   T
U   V fr   W rr   X fgf   Y ghj


A - Off with the top breather box.

B - Slacken all the rocker bolts and lift of the rocker box.

C - Slacken the head bolts in a crisis cross pattern and lift off the head.

D,E & F - Errrr what a mess, ok now I can see why the compression was so low.

G - OK off with the barrels.

I & J - Remove cir clips and pull out the two pistons.

After cleaning, the pistons look like new. I measured the piston ring gap after removing the top ring from both pistons. the measurement showed virtually no wear. The valves were not so clean.

K - The valves are in a mess, time to re grind the valve seats.

L,M & N - On with the valve clamp.

O - Out with the collets.

P - Out comes the valve.

Q - Before the re grind.

R & S Valve rubbing tool.

T - first inlet done and looking good.

U & V the matching valve.

W - New valve stem oil seal fitted.

X - one side done.

Y - Finished head four valves re ground and head cleaned.