The frame is quite rotten in places, great for me as I enjoy a bit of fabrication.



Cut out the tinworm

A   B   C   D   E  
F   G   H   I   J
K   L   M   N   O
P   Q   R   S   T
U   V   W   X   Y


A - Remove the Honda tag to see how far this rot is going.

B - Looks quite a bit in one line here.

C - Time to join up the holes.

D - Looks bad but it should be OK.

E - Strip the paint and square of the edges of the hole.

F - Cut some new steel.

G - Weld in as flat as possible.

H - Grind down the outside

I -L shaped hole is easier to cut a square and weld in.

J - Square in place.

K - Grind flush.

L - Someone's idea of a patch.

M - remove to replace with one flush to the frame.

N - Again grind flush.

O - Nice hole in mudguard.

P - It was small enough to mig in one go.

Q - Nice crack up to the shock support.

R - Awkward hole near the join.

S - After the jwelding and grinding.

T - Patch on the inside Left.

U - More than one patch on the inside right.

V - First coat of primer.

W - Tail is looking a lot better.

X - Main under coat.

Y - Blue top coat.