2013 Ducati Monster 796


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Well I decided to change to a slightly newer Duke. A single swing arm version. So after some bartering with SBF I partexchanged my 2004 Monster for a 2013 low milage 796.

I so wish I had not used these people

I so wish I had not used these people. Ring and they are all over you until you have paid then you have no hope of any help. the day of delivery, 10 mins before van arrives with new bike mobiles goes off, hey the driver just noticed (on his way down whilst driving) the battery is dead on your new bike. Although we did a 50 point check. bike dropped off. Superbike guy say YOU buy and fit a new battery and we will reimburse you AFTER we have the invoice. no mention of the 45 mins to strip the bike to get to the battery. I ordered a new batt and next day fitted. still unable to start not a click but all electrics work but for the starter. rang and rang and finally got through and was for two days promised customer service will rimg me. NEVER did superbikefactory ever ring me I had to chase them about a faulty bike. 4th day i was told ring this breakdown service and get the bike taken to a garage and get them to ring the warranty company to agree a cost before they start. the warranty will not cover exploratory work and they expect me to pay this cost. at no point have SBF apologised or been honest just excuses after excuses, they even blamed Covid-19 for not being able to collect the faulty bike.you cant make this up.

all the replies from SBF will be we will look into this , a phrase they say all the time. now they are picking up there bike (6weeks) and will only refund after a inspection and only then they will send my PX back. The inspection will also look at the millage,,,,, it was wheeled from their van to my garage and back to their van as IT WILL NOT START. Then after 12 calls they suggested I take it to a reputable garage and have them look at it. Then they gave me free brake down cover and said to claim.

I tried. what a joke, the cover was the biggest pile of crap ever put together. they do not pay for any investigation work. They want you to pay and claim back. so for another 8 weeks during the first lockdown my new crap bike was in a Thunder road workshop doing zip with a new battery (i paid for) getting flatter and flatter. to cut a long story a bit shorter I asked for £750 back for repairs as it needed a new starter, re map, new battery and belts oil service. They agreed and I did all the work.and made a few bob.