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First thing I thought I would do is change the cam belts, the guy I bought this off was very evasive when asked about the cam belts, apparently they were changed 2 years 1500 miles ago.

They were in a shocking state.




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The belts first

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A - Off with the Vertical belt cover.

B - in with a long screw to hold at timimg mark

C - Off with the Vertical belt cover

D - Again in with a long screw to hold at horisontal timimg mark

E horizontal belt tensioner was seized solid and furthermore the alan bolt was rounded.

F - Errrr what a mess its only blood, ok now I can see why they have not changed these belts.

G - horizontal tensinor bearings ok but not brilliant.

H - so off with cir clip.

I Press out old bearings

J - Remove cir clips and pull out the two pistons.

The vertical bearings were sized solid, perhaps thats why the cam belt was so slack ,,,,,

K - I am so glad i have my trusty press

L, Old ones out

M - Freeze the carrier so it makes the pressing easier

N - On with the new bearings.

O - Horisontal berings done

P - Vert bearings on.

Q - .Vert belt first, wow its alot tighter than the old one.

R - Horisontal next and tension as vid on U tube

S Nice new rubber on the rear.

T -Matching on the front.

U - Tie back the calipers

V - rotas off I dont want to wreck em, Press in new bearings

W - freeze to make smaller

X - old bearing not smooth at all.

Y - All new.

Z - Rotars back on.

Z1 Press out sprocket carrier bearings.

Z2 press in new bearings.

Z3 New 40T rear sprocket.

Z4 New rear bearings in.