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  I am 99% sure the Raleigh Chopper I had was Orange


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O just bought this little sad one also


One nice christmas in the early 70s santa delivered me a Raleigh Chopper, before doing any research my key memories were,

  1. A round gear stick
  2. Three speed
  3. A round top sissy bar

But one thing I was not sure of was its colour but I think it was orange. After looking on tinter web I have come to the conclusion that it was defiantly a MKI and it could have been the Christmas of 1970 or 1971 as I was 12 or 13 at the time. It was snowing or had been on that Christmas morning and again I turned to the web and in 1970 there was indeed snow in the Swansea valley.

So now my search starts in earnest. A Orange 1970 MKI Raleigh Chopper.

My options,

1. Purchase a fully restored Chopper £800 - £1500

pros, no work to do, short time frame

conns, cost, I just havent got that many pennies

2. Buy all the parts from a well known auction site £400 - £600

pros, cost, I can afford a few pennies a month, guarantee all parts are authentic and belong together

conns, time, this will take many months and the parts may also need refurbishment