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Welcome to my world

This is my Home Page and parts of this site are under construction at the mo. Most of the items are a glimpse of the nostalgic yearning I seem to have sometimes.

Over the past years I have shown some pictures of my latest projects. The first is a restoration of a 1955 Lambretta LD150. It all started January 2009. l was looking for a project to work on in my favorite place, my garage. First I though of a classic car but soon realised that I neither had the space or money for this so decided two wheels would be easier than four.

My short list was:

BSA C15 250

My brother gave me one when I was 16 and I drove it into the ground. (silly boy)


As I remember my brother was a MOD so l started scouting for cheap scooters from the late 50s or early 60s. Wow they go for mad amounts of cash. but I was lucky, or so I think as l found a 1955 LD in lots of small pices for £500.

The Lambretta I sold as I discovered I am not a scooter guy. (perhaps its the 40 MPH).

Honda CB 250 G5 (not the super dream)

After blowing up the BSA I had my first taste of Jabpanese machinery with a P reg (1975) Honda 250 green. (Finished in 2012)

My beloved Honda CB 250 G5 is on the road and I go on it daily, this is not for sale. It has been the easiest to restore and I am unable to ride it without a big smile.

Triumph Tina (my bro had one)

Kawasaki triples S3 (finished 2013) I discovered a Kawasaki S3 400 on Ebay and had to have it silly me. Its cost a small mortgage to fix but is worth a lot more now it is finished. Its a bit like my 250 after a load of Red Bul,,,,,,,,,,lSold to Stumpy.

when I was an apprentice fabricator (welder) in the mid 70s in the Swansea valley my foreman had a Red Honda CB 750 / 4

CB750 four that would be a nice classic. (Finished 2014)

During the winter of 2013 I did the CB 750 and it was ready for May 2014. Update, the 750 turned out fantastic me and her in doors go out every sunday on it for a 40 year old bike it runs sweet. one problem number 1 plug blew out after 2000 miles after rebuild so out with the engine and off with the head to repair,,,do I fit all four or just the one? well i did just one and its gone fine since.

CB500T a fellow welder had one (got a tatty one for a winter project 2014) (Finished 2015) Sold July 16

My winter project for 2014 - 2015 is a S reg 1978 CB 500T its in a bit of a mess but they all start like that. Update: its on the road and running great. it is by far the best one i have done todate.

Suzuki T500 for the 2015 winter. (Finished 2016) Sold July 18

My winter project for 2015 - 2016 is the Suzuki T500 Titan its does start so the engine may be ok. will do compression test and leak down for the crank seals.

Raleigh Choppers

1969 Orange MKI ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,DONE and the grand kids love them, need to get cracking as I now have 12 (grand kids)but they all dont visit togther (thank god)

1971 Blue MKI ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,DONE

Suzuki GT 750 picked one up from Carmarthen in a sorry state 2k for a 1974 M plate. (finished 2017)

The Kettle was a costly build just the engine ate £3750, chrome anther 2+K total spent 8K sold for 10k. Was going to keep but the over run was not a thing I enjoyed. On the kettle forum they said it was a feature lol.

Ducati Monster 2004

just fancied one

2011 Triumph Bonneville 900 SE 

June 2018 sawme getting a 2011 Triumph Bonneville 900 SE delivered, dam an ebay moment

Ducati Monster 2013

Since the last project Suzuki GT75, I have (and the rest of the world) had a life changing time. During late March 2020 I Part exed my 2004 monster and bought a 2013 model from SBF (never agin would i go to them). read the full story link below. but to say a nightmare is understating.

Well bit of an update, when I started this site it was 2009 and now its 2020 and I have finished most of the bikes and had so much fun. The classic market has really taken off. I did fancy a Kawasaki Z1 b but l need 12k to get a nice one. One house move later and this house need my attention for a few years. I have the Duke and Bonne to have fun on and I have rebuilt the Honda 250G5 .


Aug 2020.

Peugeot Boxer 2017 68k in black As if I did not have enough to do The boss fancied a campervan to travel around the UK and when Covid sods off Europe.

Royal Enfield Interceptor 2021 (71 plate)

Had a test ride. placed a deposit well why not.

Jan 2022, just back from the great robbery in the desert.#WWF1. .What a stich up, and all of the sky pundits to short sighted (over paid) and controled by liberty towing the party line.


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Current Projects



one more project will not harm, panel van to Camper van


2019 Impulse buy no not mid life joby


Well for just over 6K I would be a fool not to




























Finished Projects


Honda CB 250G5 1975 she's a beauty


To nice to keep in the garage,

Now Sold


A nice 2018 winter tidy up

now SOLD


Operation C120 a blank canvas

now SOLD


Triumph Tina 100 1964

now SOLD


Honda CB750 K6 1976



Suzuki GT750 1974 M reg Kettle



Suzuki T500 Titan 1975

now SOLD


Orange MK1 (1969) Sold


Blue MK1 (1970) Sold


Honda CB500T 1977 Now SOLD


1974 S3 400 Finished, on a nice M plate NOW SOLD :-(


Honda C90 ZZ 1979 ---Now sold


Lambretta LD 150 1955. Now on the road. Now Sold